Why Toilet Paper Baffles Our Household

Me, in bed this week, at 6 a.m.

Husband: “Babe!  Where do we keep the toilet paper now?”

(Note: He had purchased the toilet paper yesterday, and it’s been kept in the same place since we moved into our house nearly 6 months ago.

Also note: he once asked me where we kept the sheets to make the bed… after living together for more than 3 years.)

Me, sleepy-eyed and barely awake: “Huh?”

Husband: Repeats the question with a bit more force than I understood at that hour.

Me: “Hallway closet!”

(End of thoughts on toilet paper. In theory.)

Until I  used our hallway bathroom later that afternoon.

Text to Husband: “I can see that this must have confused you.  I can show you how to use this when you get home.”

(Those women that live with men: can you explain this, please?)


Toilet paper