The Birthday Card from Babcia

At lunch on Saturday, my 91-year-old grandmother, Babcia (picture a cross between the Queen of England and Barbara Bush and then pronounce it BOB-CHA) let us know she got my stepfather a birthday card, and the dog on the cover looked EXACTLY like my parents’ oldest daschund, Lil, featured as the cover girl for this post.

(My momma took this photo. You’ll find tons of photos of my parents’ sweet girl on my mom’s Instagram account with hashtags like #seniordog #blinddog #deafdog. I kid you not.  But she’s adorable and lovable and my stepdad used to sing her show tunes when she was a puppy.  Again, I kid you not. It WAS some enchanted evening!)


Back to lunch.

Babcia let us know that the dog on the front of the card looked so much like Lil that she felt the need to sign her own name.

Because, you know, clearly my now-older-than-last-year stepfather would have gotten confused that the card would have otherwise been from his beloved canine.

Babcia told us in great detail, for several minutes, about this dog: the color of its fur, the length of its fur, its brown eyes, you name it.  I had a full mental image of a brown, black and tan long-haired dachsund with skinny little legs.

Until my mom lovingly chimed in.

“Mar,” she said, “the dog on the front of the card was a basset hound.”

#itsagoodthingBabciahasakillersenseoffashion‬ #sheclearlyisntadoglover