Why No One Steals Her Beer

From time to time, we’ll invite my Babcia (in case you missed it, Babcia, pronounced “Bob-Cha,” is my 91-year-old Polish grandmother), over for happy hour.  While she’ll tell you that she can no longer drink with a sad, reminiscent look in her eye, this woman used to be able to toss them back.

She drank Dewar’s, a blended Scotch Whiskey on the rocks.

She had beer delivered RIGHT to her apartment when she lived in Center City Philadelphia.

In her years before she had my mother, she played piano in bars… and was paid in alcohol.

But, she doesn’t drink anymore, thanks to a rockstar cocktail of medications that, well, have kept her in her rockstar status since her stroke eight years ago.

So, imagine when we had this conversation:

Babcia, facing the Macbook Pro we used to dial my mom: “I’m drinking Odles at Mara’s now.”

My mom, via Facetime: “You’re drinking what?”

Babcia: “Odles.”

Mom, now looking to me: “I have no idea what that is, but okay.”

Me: “O’Doul’s, Mom.  She’s drinking O’Doul’s.”

Babcia, later that evening as I dropped her off, she let me know that she should have brought the leftover beer back with her, fearing that my craft beer loving husband would consume all of her precious O’Doul’s.

And much to her pleasure, I’ve reassured her several times since, that even when our fridge is almost bare, the way the fridge of two working professionals can get, one thing remains: no one, and I mean NO ONE, touches her Odles.

Frog with beer quote


This Week: Guest Posts at i.seeKissimmee!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been this past week, that’s easy.

You can find me at i.seeKissimmee.com.

Having heard from a good friend, Sarah Sekula (@wordzilla), months ago that the Kissimmee Convention and Visitors’ Bureau welcomes guest bloggers each weekly, I was thrilled to have been accepted to write for them.  You’ll find posts about the Florida Film Festival preview party, happy hours on Park Avenue, and a great upcoming series on a few of historic downtown Kissimmee’s offerings.

Wander over and check it out.  But come back soon for more posts here.

If you’re interested in my writing a guest post for YOUR blog, feel free to contact me at Mara@TheLeoneCompany.com.  After all, collaboration is better than competition!

Inspiration On My Desk

The fabulous Mimi Flatley, a good friend of mine who always manages to tell a great story, was my very first friend in Orlando.  We actually met through a double date with our mothers; we had both just moved to town and were seeking new friends.  (On a side note: we still get together and double date with our moms once a year for our “momiversary” at Hot Olives, the very same restaurant that it all started.)

So when Mimi asked to meet for happy hour this past week, I absolutely agreed.  (Sushi and wine with a great friend?  That’s an easy answer!)  When we arrived, she reached into her purse, and handed me something :

The inside let me know she’s excited for me and the future of The Leone Company. She wrote inside, “You’re an amazing woman doing amazing things!!” (She also added a few gift cards to help with renovations to the office, tunes and a dose of caffeine 🙂

This card now sits proudly on my desk, along with a few others from when I decided to start The Leone Company, including my parents, my grandmother, my former co-workers and my insanely amazing sanity-keeper Vanessa at Parlour Salon and Spa.  They serve as daily reminders of my support system.

So I ask you: what do you keep on your desk that makes you smile every day?  Comment in the blog and let me know!

(And, as always, don’t forget you can subscribe to this blog right on the website!)