Why No One Steals Her Beer

From time to time, we’ll invite my Babcia (in case you missed it, Babcia, pronounced “Bob-Cha,” is my 91-year-old Polish grandmother), over for happy hour.  While she’ll tell you that she can no longer drink with a sad, reminiscent look in her eye, this woman used to be able to toss them back.

She drank Dewar’s, a blended Scotch Whiskey on the rocks.

She had beer delivered RIGHT to her apartment when she lived in Center City Philadelphia.

In her years before she had my mother, she played piano in bars… and was paid in alcohol.

But, she doesn’t drink anymore, thanks to a rockstar cocktail of medications that, well, have kept her in her rockstar status since her stroke eight years ago.

So, imagine when we had this conversation:

Babcia, facing the Macbook Pro we used to dial my mom: “I’m drinking Odles at Mara’s now.”

My mom, via Facetime: “You’re drinking what?”

Babcia: “Odles.”

Mom, now looking to me: “I have no idea what that is, but okay.”

Me: “O’Doul’s, Mom.  She’s drinking O’Doul’s.”

Babcia, later that evening as I dropped her off, she let me know that she should have brought the leftover beer back with her, fearing that my craft beer loving husband would consume all of her precious O’Doul’s.

And much to her pleasure, I’ve reassured her several times since, that even when our fridge is almost bare, the way the fridge of two working professionals can get, one thing remains: no one, and I mean NO ONE, touches her Odles.

Frog with beer quote


The Birthday Card from Babcia

At lunch on Saturday, my 91-year-old grandmother, Babcia (picture a cross between the Queen of England and Barbara Bush and then pronounce it BOB-CHA) let us know she got my stepfather a birthday card, and the dog on the cover looked EXACTLY like my parents’ oldest daschund, Lil, featured as the cover girl for this post.

(My momma took this photo. You’ll find tons of photos of my parents’ sweet girl on my mom’s Instagram account with hashtags like #seniordog #blinddog #deafdog. I kid you not.  But she’s adorable and lovable and my stepdad used to sing her show tunes when she was a puppy.  Again, I kid you not. It WAS some enchanted evening!)


Back to lunch.

Babcia let us know that the dog on the front of the card looked so much like Lil that she felt the need to sign her own name.

Because, you know, clearly my now-older-than-last-year stepfather would have gotten confused that the card would have otherwise been from his beloved canine.

Babcia told us in great detail, for several minutes, about this dog: the color of its fur, the length of its fur, its brown eyes, you name it.  I had a full mental image of a brown, black and tan long-haired dachsund with skinny little legs.

Until my mom lovingly chimed in.

“Mar,” she said, “the dog on the front of the card was a basset hound.”

#itsagoodthingBabciahasakillersenseoffashion‬ #sheclearlyisntadoglover

A Makeover

If you subscribed to this blog over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that, like dinosaurs, opposable thumbs and my dog’s ability to counter surf, it evolved.

I didn’t disappear as much as join forces with The Best Medical Business Solutions, a medical business consulting company, focusing on the cosmetic and aesthetic industry, that I run with my father.  (You can read our story, and see a super adorable photo of me and the-man-everyone-thinks-is-my-much-older-husband-but-is-really-my-dad here.)

And so this site forwarded to that site for a few years.

Now, though… I’m ready to take back the reins.  I still love what I’ve built at The Best Medical Business Solutions, so heck no, I’m not switching career paths.  But I do write… a lot… for other publications (you can see all sorts of samples on my business’s website here).  But with the start of 2016, I’m craving the ability to use the instant sense of wit and tales of reality that I’ve built and collected over the years.

So, with THIS makeover, you’ll see glimpses into my ridiculous life, packed with stories about daily personal life as an entrepreneur, the amazingly hilarious conversations I have with my 91-year-old grandmother named Babcia, and whatever else comes to mind.

If I’m being honest, so far, I have five stories written about Babcia and zero about entrepreneur life, so, be prepared.  She’s amazing.

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Either way, be prepared.  Awesomeness awaits.