Press and Praise Old

The Leone Company does it all!  Take a look at just a few samples:

INTERVIEWS  The Leone Company and its clients in the news:

The Leone Company, What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Being a Sponsor

Mara Shorr, My Voice:  Professional Growth

Client: Tomslitehouse Soy Candles, Tomslitehouse Soy Candles Inspired by Owner’s Battle with Cancer

Client: Candy’s Cats, Reinvent with a Pet Business

Client: The Best Medical Business Solutions, 15 Steps for Surgery Center to Strategically Align with Hospitals


PRESENTATIONS  Client public speaking opportunities gathered by The Leone Company:

The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium

National Society of Cosmetic Physicians

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery


ARTICLES  Client writing opportunities procured by The Leone Company:

Client: The Best Medical Business Solutions, 5 Ways to Invalidate Medical Equipment Warranties

Client: The Best Medical Business Solutions, Surge, Summer 2012, Practice Management Series: Preparing for the Unexpected, Part 1 of 4


WRITING  The Leone Company writes everything from website copy to guest blogs:


 Contributing Writer,               Contributing Writer,                Contributing Writer,
Turning Tragedy into          Best Ways to Get Involved        Growing Business in  Global Triumph: The                                                               a Down Economy
   Jordan Thomas

Website Copy:  Save the Panther
Website Copy:  Nature’s Plate:  Miami, Florida

      Series, Guest Blogger

Website Copy:

Want to see more?  Contact Mara at


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