Mara Shorr

020813 Mara headshot EKM horizontalA graduate of Central Michigan University (and their 2013 Distinguished Young Alumni, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!), Mara Shorr serves as co-owner of The Best Medical Business Solutions, a medical business consulting company she runs with her father from Florida.  A passion for the written word, Mara writes for nearly a dozen publications each year, utilizing her journalism and public relations background daily and bringing more than a decade of experience to the table with every chance she gets.

This blog, however, is dedicated to her personal stories of ridiculousness.  (Of course, if you’re craving business tips, check out her other writing here!)

It’s about life as an entrepreneur with an awesomely ridiculous family that keeps her laughing.  All. The.  Time.

This blog is where she gets to stretch her wit.

This is the blog that no one else edits, so every once in awhile, much to her dismay, there may be typo.


In her spare time, Mara enjoys racing library deadlines to finish a great book, keeping food off the counter so it can’t be reached by her 110-pound rescue mutt (seriously, Cooper, those were MY gluten free desserts and those eggshells in the sink WEREN’T meant for you) and trying to keep her herb garden alive.  Once she’s done running the world, she’d rather order in than cook any day.  A blue ribbon winner in her seventh grade “milk carton balancing” competition, this Orlando and Central Florida entrepreneur loves a great glass of wine and connecting with her sister-in-law and toddler niece while banging out the ABCs on her piano.  (Truth: the ABCs sound just like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star… and she loves that her sister-in-law fully admits that.)

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