2013 Central Michigan University Alumni Awards

This past weekend, my family, friends, fiance and I traveled to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  If you would have told me when I graduated in 2005 it would take eight years to get me back to town, I would have laughed.  I had a passion for the school that helped shape me, and certainly loved everything about it.  But alas, life gets in the way, and college grows more and more distant after graduation, despite the life lessons used to enhance your future.

But this year, I was meant to return.  This year, I’ve been awarded Central Michigan University’s Distinguished Young Alumni Award.

Entered into the competition earlier this year, I found out I had won while I was on a work/play trip to Tucson visiting one of my best friends in May.  Ecstatic to have a reason to go back to my old stomping grounds, I gladly accepted.  (It’s hard not to when they pay for airfare, hotel and car rental, after all.  More than half of my college roommates would go on to drive back into town for the evening.)

What followed I’ll show you in photographs, which includes portraits taken at the event, a few family snapshots, and, of course, shots at the football game the next day.  Yes, I was even announced on the field and allowed to shoot a t-shirt out of a gun.

All parents portrait Me and Russ at sign Me cheering Mom and me holding award Parents at football gameFriends


And with that, thank you to everyone that came out to support me!  Now, if only I could think of additional awards to apply for…

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