Back in Touch

It’s a struggle every solopreneur deals with, and something I’ve discussed time and time again: the battle of working IN your business and with your clients while still working ON your business.

I raise my hand in guilt.

I’ve had a full load of clients, including Edible Orlando magazine, Orange Appeal magazine and the Florida Film Festival.

You may remember that, two years ago, I left my position there as the Director of Development and Community Relations to start The Leone Company.  (If you don’t, here’s the blog post where I announced it.)  When the position opened back up again two months ago, I was honored to be asked to help on an interim basis while they regrouped and reestablished the department’s needs.  Old habits die hard when it comes to working with the local arts groups and a great group of people!

With that, know I also serve as a partner and the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for The Best Medical Business Solutions, a company my father founded two years ago.  (More information on that business here.)

And so, back I come, to try and make every effort to once again bring relevant content to this site through the blog.  I’m not perfect.  And I go against any advice I would give my own clients about regularly blogging.

But, through all of its transitions over the past TWO years, I am, indeed, The Leone Company.

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2 thoughts on “Back in Touch

  1. slickkitty says:

    You have been missed. Now that you know that you are relevant and that someone READS your blog, please, take the encouragement to keep writing and sharing.

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