My Voice- WMFE

In the midst of a busy season, I neglected to post the spot I had recorded for WMFE 90.7 FM.  (Something I would never allow my clients to do!  Shout your accomplishments, press and community involvement from the rooftops!)

As you know, I got my start with Central Florida’s NPR affiliate.  (That’s where I met Ani, who I’ve talked about here, when I was interviewed about friendships in the workplace.)  Ultimately, that’s where I learned so much of what I bring to the table to day, as non-profits often force young professionals to grow quickly.

Want to hear what I had to say about professional growth in Central Florida?  Listen to the spot here: “My Voice: Professional Growth.”


2 thoughts on “My Voice- WMFE

  1. animalreader says:

    love it Best, Jo

    Jo Maldonado,Owner and Founder Centers for Animal Therapies/C.A.T. Office: 2105 East Minnesota Ave., DeLand, Fl.32724 PH: 386-279-0257 Fax: 386-279-0258

    CAT is an educational program on animals, nature and natural therapies.

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