Friendships in the Workplace

It’s no secret I love HARO. (My previous blog post explains why…and what it is… here.)  

Through HARO, I saw a press pitch I just couldn’t pass up: a local writer was constructing a piece on friendships in the workplace.  While I normally pitch my clients work, I had just the friendship in mind, as Ani is the person I mentioned in this blog post (and this one) as she’s helped with The Leone Company’s growth.

The story was picked up at, and, you can read the full piece here.

Tell me: What experience have you had involving workplace friendships? Have you found your partner-in-crime, or wanted to wring someone’s neck instead?

Remember: if you’re looking for help with your media pitch, we can help! Send me an e-mail at I’d love to connect.


3 thoughts on “Friendships in the Workplace

  1. Laura Spaventa says:

    Mara, thank you so much for the HARO shout out! We love hearing HARO success stories and appreciate you spreading the word to your readers about our service. I noticed you offered to help your readers with their media pitches. I just wrote a blog post with four key tips on pitching a reporter that your readers may find useful: Thank you again and have a great week!

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