3 Tips: Free Software

As a small business owner working with non-profits and small businesses, The Leone Company’s goal is always to keep costs down.  I print on the reverse side of scrap paper.  I keep electronic files as often as I can.  And I always look for free (and yes, legal) versions of software.

Three of my favorites:

PDF To Word: I discovered the program this week while editing work for a client; I’ve already fallen in love.  It does exactly what is claims to do: converts the PDF document (that you may-or-may-not have had an intern retype) into a usable Word document, and e-mails a copy directly to the specified e-mail address.

YouSendIt: Create a free account, and upload your too-large-to-send-without-clogging-up-your-boss’s-email document, presentation or high resolution photos.  A link to a secure FTP site will be sent to your e-mail address, as well as the recipient’s.  I’ve been using this gem for years.

MailChimp: Free e-mail marketing software that allows you to send up to a certain number of messages each month.  It allows you to segment lists, provides templates.. and even has a great monkey logo.  Love it.

Now give the intern something else to do instead.  But let me know your thoughts.

What free software could you not live without?


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