FREE Budget Software:

I’m all about New Year’s resolutions. (And yes, I know I’m mentioning this in July.)

This year, one of mine was to give my personal budget a closer look. After all, I’ve been helping other organizations raise money to pay their bills and stay on budget for years, right?  After creating Excel sheet after Excel sheet, I came across, Quicken’s FREE online budget software which tracks and categorizes all of my expenses AUTOMATICALLY by linking directly to my bank, credit card, even mortgage accounts, tracking all spending, deposits and balances instantly.  Huge for the girl on the go.  And of course, they have a free smart phone app.

Every expense.  Standard and custom categories.  I was in budget heaven.  (Ask my friend Lyndsay, who held her wedding on a Wednesday and washes her newborn’s own cloth diapers.  There really is such a thing!)

So imagine my delight when, after starting The Leone Company, I know that I’m able to track all spending for the company, categorize, track, and budget.  AUTOMATICALLY.  Allowing me more time in the day for my clients.

I’m in love, and want to shout it from the rooftops.  Because that’s free too.


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