4 Reading Tips for the Busy Book Lover

When I was little, my father read to me nearly every night.  It was something that we enjoyed together, and, whether it was a selection from the Madeline series or something that would teach me how to read myself, like the less-than-classic Painters Painting, this nightly ritual would go on to shape my future.  (We also played Checkers and watched Green Acres, but that’s a whole separate post in the future.)

These days, I am an editing fool.  (It takes a “special” kind of person to try to edit her home DVR program descriptions.)  I read anything I can get my hands on, but literacy comes in all forms.  A few thoughts on my addiction below:

  • The Orange County Public Library’s MAYL System keeps my habit green… and budget friendly.  Did you know that if you live in Orange County, FL, the library has a NetFlix-esque program in which you simply make your book, audiobook, CD, or educational DVD selections online and they’re delivered, for free, right to your doorstep?  (Note selections must be dropped off at any of the County’s library branches.)
  • Audio books make my daily commute fly by.  Since I spend more than an hour in my VW Eos each day, I love that I’m able to absorb the written word in rush hour.  It gives me time to read that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to after a late night (or before an early morning) at the office.
  • Book Club allows me to discuss exactly what I’ve read each month with a group of wonderful women.  Yes, there’s wine involved, and we each bring a dish, dessert, or salad topping for our hostess to keep the costs of the evening down, but there’s something inspiring about discussing a great book with a group of career-minded ladies.  Don’t have a book club?  Just ask around.  I guarantee there are a few other people in your life who are just dying to start one as well.
  • Keeping an ongoing list of books I want to read means never using the “I don’t know what to read” excuse.  I’m always on the lookout for great book suggestions, fiction or non-fiction, and love anything from oral chicklit tips from girl friends to leadership pieces from blog posts, like this one from BeingFullyPresent.
So I ask you- have a suggestion you’d love to share?  Or another tip?  I welcome your comments below!

8 thoughts on “4 Reading Tips for the Busy Book Lover

  1. @DoreenO says:

    I’m always on the lookout for good books too and keep a “what I want to read” list. And book clubs rock – although in my club we probably only spend 25% of the time discussing the book, but still. Happy reading!

  2. Ashley Cisneros says:

    I loved this post! My mom read Madeline books to me when I was little, and I loved the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary, too.

    I always try to take a book, magazine or newsletter with me while running errands. I catch up on reading in waiting rooms, when I’m get my car’s oil changed, and in between appointments.

  3. Mara's Dad says:

    Well, I am the culprit that Mara calls “Dad” and if you ask me if I would sit on her bed every might and read together all over again, the answer would absolutely be YES!!!

    I believe that this bonding time that we shared together set the stage for Mara loving to read. Can you even imagine not knowing how to read. I am one of the few left who reads a newspaper each and every morning.

    Keep up the hard work in your crusade to keep reading alive. I am so proud of you.


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