TED Talks and Morgan Spurlock: The Business of Product Placement

If you’re on either side of the table, as a marketing professional being pitched a sponsorship or as an organization seeking out potential partners, check out Morgan Spurlock: The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold (see the trailer above), which carefully covers the world and making of and, POM WONDERFUL PRESENTS: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD.  (Hey, they paid for the rights… POM WONDERFUL deserves the credit!)

For the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve been in the sponsorship world for, yes, a film festival.  We’ve had the “Nestle CRANBERRY Raisinets Audience Awards” and the “AirTran Airways Audience Awards.”  We’ve had “Olive Garden Italian Cinema Night.”  We’ve had “Peroni and Popcorn: A Hitchcock Happy Hour.”  (Okay, for that one, I have to admit that our Director of Operations loves alliteration.)  In all of our press releases, we make sure to state, “…the Florida Film Festival, sponsored by Full Sail University…”

So, what better way to combine my interest in naming rights, the film industry and my passion for continuing education?  Last night, as we watched the TED Talk, I laughed, knowingly and with much appreciation, as Spurlock told of his journey approaching potential sponsor after potential sponsor.  Sometimes, you know exactly how you’re able to garner attention for the company.  Sometimes, you have a vague idea and have to hope the person on the other side of the table is receptive and responsive enough to meet your “science fiction” ideas halfway.  (Like, say, offering each person you interview Ban deodorant to calm potential nerve-induced perspiration).

But I ask you, what is the greatest sponsorship relationship you’ve ever experienced?


2 thoughts on “TED Talks and Morgan Spurlock: The Business of Product Placement

  1. Celesta Rochell says:

    Hey, just found this website from reddit. This isn’t not blog post I would regularly read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thanx for creating something worth reading!

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