A Salute to Earth Day

If I had to choose a “holiday” that truly speaks to how I live my life on a daily basis, I might choose Earth Day.  I’ve posted about ideas to “go green” before, but, when Eleanor’s Biddulph’s blog, “Being Fully Present,” came through my e-mail this past week, I decided to pull from a wonderful list of ideas of simple ideas she’s created.

So, see below, and feel free to let me know if there’s anything that inspires you… or perhaps a tip you hadn’t thought of before!

Plant a garden…Change to energy efficient lightbulbs…Car pool…Pick up the litter on your street…Shop your local farmer’s market…Use reusable shopping bags (I keep them in the trunk of my car)…Use cold water to do laundry…Take shorter showers…Stop buying bottled water (a home filter works great!)…Reuse wrapping paper and gift bags…Walk or bike ride whenever possible…Recycle (either at home, or perhaps take it to the office)…Plant a tree…Package your own 100 calorie snacks…Use plastic or glass containers instead of sandwich bags…Turn off the lights…Use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper…Read the news online…Go for a walk instead of watching TV…Unplug unused appliances…Buy less plastic-wrapped foods…Don’t run water while brushing your teeth.

What suggestions do YOU have?  I’d love to see your comments below!


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