Learning to Disconnect… and Reconnect

In just over a week, I’m going on vacation, a wonderful cruise to the Bahamas. (Shameless plus: VacationsToGo has the best deals around!)  Not only am I looking forward to spending some time in the sun by the water with a fruity drink in my hand (and yes, I plan to eat pizza at midnight!), I’m looking forward to disconnecting from technology for four wonderful days.

In a world where we are all constantly connected, spending a long weekend without texting, e-mails, Facebook postings and LinkedIn messages seems like something that at first may take a bit of getting used to.  But I’m looking forward to reconnecting, taking photographs, snorkeling, laughing out loud (in a non-LOL sense) and fighting the urge to check my e-mail with every 5 minutes of downtime that presents itself.

In the past few months (well, years, if we’re being honest), I’ve become addicted to my career, and although I don’t know that this will ever change, I’m looking forward to teaching myself how to reconnect with loved ones again.


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