Opportunities for Improvement

Each year, following our largest event (the Florida Film Festival, April 8-17, in which 25,000 attendees enjoy a whopping 165 films over 10 fabulous days), we ask our staff to write a series of departmental “Post Morts” following the Festival.  In theory, we all keep records of our triumphs and issues throughout the event but, without fail, life gets busy.

This year, we one of our team members, whose calm, unflustered approach to each issue is an incredible strength to all of us, suggested that, as issues arise over the 10 days, we should think of them not as problems, but as “Opportunities for Improvement.”

I love this thought process, and the phrase has resonated with the rest of our team.  So much so that our Project Manager sent us a link to a branded Wufoo form he created yesterday afternoon; we’re all now able to fill this out as soon as an “Opportunity” arises so as not to forget it once the moment passes.  With Wufoo, a free, online form builder, we’re able to bookmark the site on our mobile devices and fill out the form remotely anytime, anywhere.  (On the back end, all items can be collected into an easy-to-sort Excel document and analyzed from there.) 

Fields include:

  • Name of Person Filling Out Form
  • Location of Occurrence
  • Date and Time of Occurrence
  • Event
  • Issue
  • Resolution
  • Other Notes

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