Teamwork Makes All the Difference

Today was admittedly another long, long day at the office.  So much so that, as I was driving home in the horrendous storms that plagued Central Florida last week, my father asked me, in jest, why I was leaving work at the early, early hour of 6 p.m.  “Dad, it’s the only thing that can stop us right now!” I replied.  “We lost power!”

I’m watching my team work harder and harder each day as we reach the finish line: the 10-day Florida Film Festival, taking place in just a few days, April 8-17.  During this time, 25,000 people will descend upon Central Florida to watch 160 films, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Ok, yes, tired, but excited.

Filmmaker schedules must be wrapped, sponsor goals met, Platinum Pass Patrons informed, ticket packages redeemed, niche films marketed, movies dubbed into their correct formats, bars stocked, tents erected, and about 837 other items before week’s end.  But we do it as a team.

And as I watch our team, I know there are many things that keep us together.  But 5 stand out:

  • Passion.  We all love what we do, and couldn’t be more thrilled than to be able to do it for a Festival with national recognition… for its heart, according to MovieMaker Magazine, and its success.
  • Respect.  We respect each other and the work that each person and department does, showing it by meeting deadlines, lending a kind word, and keeping a courteous attitude whenever possible.
  • “Thank you.”  When we’re all running on just a few hours of sleep a night, this means more than you know.  I find my team members are never afraid to say thank you, whether it be when someone takes a meeting, lends a second set of eyes to a written document, or opens a door.
  • A weekly meeting… or two.  This helps keep us all informed, organized, and on track in a company that works out of two separate buildings.  The face time is helpful, as is the agenda that keeps the meetings a manageable length.
  • Other duties as assigned.  Sure, we’re a small company.  But everyone from part-timers to director-level positions end up taking out recycling, changing toner, manning booths, and clearing leaves out of parking lot drains during previously mentioned storms.

And so, as under eye circles darken and I begin to require more and more caffeine, I have to say that I’m incredibly, unbelievably proud of the amount of teamwork that went into this event.


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